Lactose Free Yoghurt?

There was a point in time when yoghurt didn’t bother me as much as milk. As some of you may or may not know, every persons degree of intolerance varies, some can stomach certain dairy products and some can’t – the very same way that the lactose proteins in Parmesan cheese are minimal whilst ricotta cheese may send some people on a downward spiral. For a while now I have been changing my yoghurt type because the present type I was using no longer favoured well with me and now I am due for an upgrade.

I am quite disappointed that I can no longer consume normal yoghurt because I relied on it for the probiotic contents and extra calcium seeing as milk was completely scrapped from my diet. I could only consume Ayrshire yoghurt for some reason and it was the only one that agreed with me. But now it no longer agrees with me. So I am now trying lactose free yoghurt and so far so good. It doesn’t have that tartness that I learnt to enjoy but for now I guess it will do. Now I say ‘for now’ because once upon a time I used to consume lactose free milk until it started making me feel absolutely horrible. So I am almost sure that there will come a time when dairy yoghurt will be non existent in my diet (secretly becoming vegan by force no?). I have also decided to purchase pre and pro biotics as I don’t consume yoghurt as regularly as I used to. And also I may have some almond yoghurt tricks up my sleeve in future so stick with me 🙂

This is the life you live when intolerant. It’s all about what works and what doesn’t, what works at the time and what substitutions can be made when it no longer does. It doesn’t get me down though just because I have an intolerance or two it doesn’t mean the world is ending.



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