My Obsession With Vegan Bloggers

When I log in to my instagram account @hiitandchips for those who don’t know, the first thing I’m looking at is vegan food posts! Why? Well I generally only follow vegan bloggers and that has influenced my cooking style and daily food choices. Another thing that I appreciate about vegan bloggers recipes is that they are usually gluten free, refined sugar free and always lactose free. Their recipes are just sensitive enough for my sensitive stomach – even prior to me finding out about my intolerances I had a sensitive stomach. I could never chance an expired or use by or best before date, I was always particular about which restaurants I went to and yes I’ve had painful food poisoning experiences (I even became temporarily blind and deaf) and so I’ve always approached food with caution and to normal folk who can eat beyond the best before or expiration date and be fine I’ve always come across as high maintenance but genuinely I just have to watch what I eat. So vegans are always encouraging less processed foods, healthy, fresh dishes and Whole Foods. It’s a no brainer. No Oreo mcflurry? Well I’m sure there’s a vegan version! Since my struggle with meat prior to finding out about my onion allergy I cut down on meat quite substantially. I used to eat meat every single day and with minimum two meals out of my 3 meals per day (that’s a lot now that I assess it) but now I probably eat meat maybe once a week and the rest of the week I’m eating vegetarian or vegan meals and I honestly don’t miss it at all. I come from a family of heavy meat eaters so becoming vegan will probably be close to impossible for me but if I’ve cut down too then I’m happy. It also encourages me to eat more veg in following vegan bloggers and I hardly ate veg the way I do now when I was big on meat, it would be meat and carbs maybe a few peas here, a little spinach there but hardly ever. So essentially I know that drooling over vegan food is good and healthy for me and hey if it works don’t fix it. 
High five to all the vegan bloggers I follow, you’ve changed my life. 


3 thoughts on “My Obsession With Vegan Bloggers

      • LAUREN E.

        I really, really like it. I am not a strict paleo eater but I stick the template about 98% of the time. I actually eat more fruit, veggies, and nuts on paleo them meat. Give it a try! I did an paleo elimination diet to start.


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