Gluten Free Mini Donuts

Let me sit down instead of pace type this one. My daughter loves donuts, but because of how much fat and sugar there is in the store bought ones I let her have one maybe once every 6 months (haha I know poor child) so recently they’ve been displayed in the grocery store and I’ve tried every type of detour known to moms to avoid the beautiful “pllleeeeaaassseee” eyes and so I decided to look up some gluten free baked mini donuts recipes that we could indulge in together! These may as well be called coconut mini donuts because they were made with coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar. They were so scrumptious and by ‘were’ yes I mean they’re already done haha, it’s both of our faults. It brings my joy to see her happy about the donuts and next time I know she’ll be asking me to bake her mini donuts instead of asking me to buy them! Who says kids can’t enjoy a guilt free pleasure? Next time I’ll try sub almond flour and see how those taste. 

Mom of the year, I’ll take that haha. Xx


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