My Top Stay-In-My-Pantry Grains

I think over time with cooking and experimenting in the kitchen I’ve sussed out which grains I cannot have missing from my pantry. My grains are versatile, provide quick cooking, are nutritious and tasty but I’d say my top would be versatility. Because I gave up my cereals years ago I need a grain that can make my breakfast and can also double for a savory dish in the evening, this is a huge plus factor on the pocket especially if you have a food budget because it can be so easy to go overboard on spending for food. Grains like quinoa and millet are great examples of just that. 

My top would be quinoa for its high protein content for a grain and also very quick cooking time compared to rice. 

Brown rice is the healthiest and very nutritious and also perfect for when you’re watching your weight, brown rice is one grain that you can find on most diet plans. I prefer basmati just for its texture as compared to just plain rice. 

Polenta will always be my favourite, I grew up on white maize meal and once I tasted yellow maize meal I was sold and completely substituted and haven’t looked back. It is another versatile grain because from this I can create Fritters, savory porridge, crackers, sugar free corn flakes without the other added junk, wedges… it’s the alpha when it comes to versatility. 

And finally oats – this is a golden oldie and something that is Always in my pantry no matter what. I no longer regularly eat oats but I’m telling you I doubt there’s a time when it’s not in my cupboard. Oats is naturally gluten free but usually it is grown next to other gluten grains such as wheat and the cross contamination is what causes some oats to contain traces of gluten. Oats can make so many different things and it used to be my flour go-to before I used all purpose gluten free flour. 

I’d chalk it up to time and finding out your cooking style that really determines which are the top staples. 



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