Choc-full Overnight Oats

Second week of July and that means I’ve said goodbye to yet another week of winter (I’m a spring baby-forgive me winter lovers). It’s difficult to have some banana ice cream when each morning is cold and I love my banana ice cream so it almost feels like torture. To give myself a break from all the warm porridges ive been consuming I decided maybe it was time for some overnight oats. I used to follow overnight recipes a lot at some point but I think I kind of got the hand in how to combine different toppings. I made delicious berry and apple crumble and I decided yes you get in my bowl, added a dark chocolate square and some shavings, Waldens Farm strawberry syrup for extra Berry flavour and some frozen blueberries and toasted hazelnuts. Talk about a choc-full of everything morning bowl. Filling, packed full of energy and yummy berries! A great start to the morning.



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