Sweet, Simple Mixed Berry Jam

I’ve always enjoyed jam and especially with peanut butter but when I learnt how easy it was to make my own AND make it refined sugar free I was like wow sold! Usually I buy a sugar free blueberry jam that is sweetened with apple and contains zero preservatives but it’s a product I only ever find online and so replacing the jam is a wait so I decided it’s time to try my own and yes it’s time you tried your own too! Here we go.


1/4 cup mix berries

1 tbs water

2-3 tsp xylitol (or any sweetner you prefer)

1 tsp chia seeds


Throw all your ingredients into a small sauce pan and place on medium heat and cook your jam until your berries are softened enough to break apart under your fork and your jam has thickened. Spread it on whatever you love to use jam on. Store it in a sealed glass jar in the fridge for up to 1 week. Voila! 

GF | RSF | V | LF


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