My Favourite Faithful Blender

At the time when I upgraded my cooking skills I knew that I needed a powerful blender, especially considering that my hand blender was not made for all the new creations I was opened up to so I had to do some research and make an informed decision. Originally I was going to get a kitchen aid diamond blender with 5 speeds, ice crush function and pulse… that is until I saw the price. I’d like to say that I have that cash lying around but I had to do a little more research and that is how I ended up making a choice of the Nutribullet 6 series, its small enough not to hoard any space and light enough for me to pull out as needed. The cup sizes were perfect for my small family and so that was another added bonus. 
I must say I was nervous about using this appliance because of the many warnings that came with this device especially never use hot foods or overfill as it could cause it to explode. But obviously I’m over my little fear and I’ve moved on. I love this gadget, very affordable, cute design and when I tell you that it’s blended everything in under 30 seconds I am not joking! This nifty appliance reduces my prep time and I can enjoy more eating time plus it’s more easy to clean compared to my hand blender. The cups can be placed in the dishwasher but I haven’t attempted it myself. I have not tried making nut butter and the reason for that is nutribullet was made for liquifying and that means adding liquid and I will not be adding any extras to my nut butter. But this has become my quick favourite and when I need to blend any hot food I just use my hand blender which is very infrequent. 

Judging by my hand blender though which I purchased beginning of this year it is definitely true that you cannot sacrifice price because in the long run it doesn’t make any financial sense because I can tell that I will need to replace it by end of year. But I will not be purchasing it again, I’ve opted for a Magimix food processor instead. It does come cheaper than kitchen aid but based on the mass reviews I obsessed over a month back, Magimix will last you decades and that is money worth investing in.

Now if you want quick prep, smooth consistency without losing all the enriching fibers from your fruit and veg, I’d definitely recommend the Nutribullet and there are 3 series with ranging prices that fit in line with the type of power you’ll require for your cooking needs. 

*This post is NOT sponsored or endorsed this is purely information based from me to you. 

Cheerio 🙂


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