Refined sugar free living Vs Favourite candy bar 

Ha! Another favorite post because it makes me smile quietly to myself. When I first bought Nadia Damaso’s cook book ‘Eat Better Not Less’ I had no intentions of going refined sugar free – to be honest I didn’t really care whether or not I used brown sugar, xylitol, stevia or honey, whatever I felt like adding I would simply add. But in moving to my new house all I had was honey and xylitol and so it made the choice simple. Xylitol is not liquid like honey and so for texture and ease of blending I stuck to honey. It had been about 2 weeks in eating solely from the book when I had to get change at the petrol station and I bought my old favorite chocolate bar Lunch Bar and a packet of chips for my little girl. When I finished my breakfast that morning and still felt peckish I decided to eat my Lunch Bar. I must say now that my favourite type of chocolate is one with nuts, chewy nougat and dreamy milk chocolate, my mouth was watering as I unwrapped this treat. I took my first bite and I was nothing but disappointed because the chocolate bar tasted very sweet and nothing like it used to – my taste buds had been altered. What once was the perfect heavenly chocolate bar was now too sweet and completely unenjoyable. I was obviously used to eating refined sugar free. A few days later I was missing chocolate and I thought wow what now? Does that mean I have to give up candy? But then I remembered I had a couple of recipes that I hadn’t tried before that were from Hippie Lane who has a food app and a wonderful section called chocolate fix. I made my first chocolate bar which was a Twix version. I was in heaven let me tell you! The shortbread crust made of blended raw macadamias and honey and the delicious sticky caramel made of dates and nut butter and the dark chocolate covering the entire bar and what I loved was that it was such little ingredients for a couple of bars that lasted for up to a week. I see the benefit of living refined sugar free, it also provides that guilt free indulgence. If you’re thinking of going refined sugar free and throwing out all that processed food sitting in your pantry that’s waiting to sit on your hips then I’d say go for it. It’s a healthier option and there’s none of the feeling like you have to rummage through your kitchen for more food because your sugar levels have been spiked. My typical sweetening method is honey which I only generally ever use a teaspoon or two but I also use bananas and dates to sweeten my foods, maple syrup is also a lighter calorie option I just personally end up using higher quantities because maple syrup is very light but if I did make a complete switch my taste buds would definitely get used to maple syrup and maybe find honey too sweet. It’s a wonderful way to change up your health and incorporate healthy eating habits. I’ve never bought another Lunch Bar since and trust me that is saying a lot!

Food time 🙂


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