Oriental cooking Fun!

It amazes me to this day when I watch my daughter reject a chocolate bar and get excited by a bowl of broccoli or how she will half finish her plate of pasta but cry if I don’t make or buy her sushi. She’s different and I have to accept that and I’m still figuring out what she likes and dislikes, most times it’s a dismal fail but with this cooking time it was fun. I really thought I’d never be able to make my own Chinese dumplings due to the glutenous flour required to make the dumplings but thanks to Google I found out that with all purpose gluten-free flour, I’d be able to enjoy a treat that I indulged in once a blue moon. Folding these were so tricky, haha I think that much is obvious by the look but no taste was sacrificed here no no, these delicious dumplings were filled with salty bacon and baby spinach mixed with a mouth watering combination of sesame seed oil and soy sauce. My daughter told me to make more the following day for after school but unfortunately for her I didn’t make enough dough in case my experimentation went wrong. My bamboo steamer will certainly not be collecting dust, I only need a muslin cloth to get to steaming some sticky rice. I will also accept, willingly that my daughter loves oriental cuisine and a big bowl of broccoli and that she is different in that sense but wow what a gorgeous treat we will be indulging in this year! Dim sum? Yes please!


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