Gluten-Free Apple Blondies

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I made these one day for my daughters bake sale and honestly a few didn’t make it to school. I’m a huge apple dessert fan and so these chewy warm apple cinnamon goodies were my hearts joy. I used xylitol for this recipe which is a natural plant based sweeter and has lower calories than your cane sugar and is less sweet but perfect for baking because I don’t like adding too much sugar. The cinnamon! Oh the cinnamon. Eating some delicious cakey goodies without my stomach swelling up? Perfecto! I will refine this recipe at a later stage as I was experimenting with gluten-free flour and xylitol and maybe next time a little less cinnamon as it turns the xylitol brown and it looks burnt but I promise isn’t haha.
It’s food time 🙂


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