New health journey – new habits

How long has it been since I last food blogged? Forever! How long since I’ve been in the kitchen? Well that never ended ha ha, I still love to cook. So much has happened since my last post which will give some insight on why I haven’t blogged. I’ve been diagnosed as gluten intolerant and also found out why I just couldn’t stomach eating one chicken breast or a burger patty or a piece of steak – I am allergic to onions. Typically what would happen is the piece of meat would taste gorgeous until I’m a quarter way through and I would begin to struggle to swallow my food, but it tastes so good right and I’m still hungry so I’d power through until I’m half way through where if I even tried to swallow more it would feel as if my throat was completely rejecting the meat and would almost feel like a gag reflex. By then I would just stick to vegetables which my throat welcomed with open arms but it was done with meat. My initial solution was to only eat smaller portions of meat until I only ate meat once or twice a week and upped the fish intake since I had no problems with fish until I literally stopped eating meat because it was just not worth the fight. I tried to google it but I couldn’t find a single thread of information as to what was happening to me. It wasn’t until months and months later of not blogging and being an unhappy pescatarian that I was watching a cooking show and drooling over the meat that I could no longer stomach that I heard a guest chef state that people that suffer from celiac diseases (which is a serious gluten allergy) cannot eat onions and garlic. The lights went off and off I went to search if it’s truly possible to be allergic to onions and garlic as the chef stated – I mean I used to shout for my mother to chop onions for me because no matter all the solutions I tried, onions burnt my eyes in the chopping and frying stages and the tears would fall and I would joke “I’m allergic to onions” (be careful what you wish for!). When I eat onions my throat swells or rather becomes inflamed and thus makes it impossible for me to swallow my food and what was the number one ingredient used to cook meat? Onions. So I tried meat without onions and I was fine, I enjoyed my meat again. I then decided one day to make an omelette with onions and boy did I suffer the entire 24 hours. I am allergic to onions. Cooking was done for me. Not only was I lactose intolerant since 2011 but now I was also gluten intolerant AND allergic to onions. I went through a year of struggle because no matter what I ate I would feel terrible, my stomach would bloat constantly, I would feel nauseas, I sometimes could not swallow my food. But how would I survive gluten, lactose and onion free?? I went grocery shopping one day with my mother and I could not find anything that didn’t contain gluten, even candy contained gluten. I gave up bread and my favorite pasta and oats and junk food, it was tough eating only vegetables and meat. I need colourful and flavorful food otherwise I get bored quickly. Vegan food bloggers then started to become all the rage for me because their plant based foods looked so delicious. I then began to follow a few recipes and began to better understand how to cook gluten and onion free which was fantastic because then it led me to all variations and replacements of gluten free foods such as almond flour, nut butters, seeds, cooking with almond milk and even more cooking creatively with vegetables and legumes. Cooking became interesting again. I downloaded Ebooks and even bought my first ever cook book ‘Eat Better Not Less’ by Nadia Damaso who now taught me about nice cream (banana ice cream), gluten free millet, cauliflower pizza, versatile sweet potato and amazing superfoods such as maca powder. I now live gluten free, lactose free, onion free and refined sugar free and I adore it! It’s as if nothing has changed in my life because anything gluten makes, there’s a way to make it gluten free. I still have some junk food here and there and completely disregard my gluten intolerance because well I’m human. I must state that I do not have celiac disease which provides symptoms such as a bloody nose when consuming gluten, I am intolerant meaning that my symptoms are far milder such as bloating of the stomach and nausea. I never compromise on onions and lactose because they are not worth the pain, so no more strawberry milkshakes and I order my burgers without onions. I am still learning and loving experimenting in my kitchen. Cooking is still my passion and being creative is too. I am so glad to be back to offer some delicious GF, RSF, LF, onion free recipes which if you are in the same boat as I was a year or two ago or even just looking to make healthier choices I hope I can make a difference in your life as other bloggers have done for me. I have been itching to blog since my lifestyle change but like anything in life, these things take time. 

Food time 🙂


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