Sushi with mini-me


Hello, hi 🙂

It is so great to blog again especially after 5 days of all my technology failing me. I could not even work! Obviously when one piece of technology fails to work, everything else jumps on the band-wagon. So I need a new laptop, phone, charger cable for my phone so I can back up my stuff and my tablet… well I have needed to upgrade it for a while. Oh yes and my wifi connection was terrible last week. It rains, it pours.

Enough of the babble. I really wanted to post a fun class with my daughter this weekend and together we had our first try at making sushi. It was so much fun bringing my daughter in on the action in the kitchen. She was really into it, almost impatient to wait for the rice to cool. So I had my little helper and these giant rolls came into existence, haha. I mistakenly spilt some tuna brine on the corner of the nori sheet so it would not close in one corner.

All in all it was so much fun, it also tasted incredible and shockingly enough my 3 year old enjoyed eating it, so much so that she cried when I had the last bite. She hates trying new things when it comes to food so I am hoping this is the first of many new experiences and maybe she will start to join me more in the kitchen and maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed I can show you guys more of her own creations.