Poached Eggs & Smoked Salmon Hollandaise Sauce


I wanted to have eggs for breakfast seeing as I rarely do but I wanted something satisfying, more than just scrambled eggs and bacon, so I decided to spoil myself with poached eggs and smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. One point I am always trying to make on my blog is that cooking never has to be a long-winded process, it can be quick and easy and still taste as scrumptious as a 2 hour prep meal. This one is as simple as simple gets, so much so that it reminds me of the time I was getting to know a guy and he said I would cook for him when he moved out of his parents home because he did not know how to cook and all I was thinking was ‘(lol) boy I am not your mother!’
What makes this recipe simple is that all the ingredients are store bought, the only thing you will be making is your poached eggs. So go buy all your ingredients at the grocery store and you can follow the recipe below.



200g smoked salmon
2 eggs
1 Tbspn Hollandaise sauce
1 English muffin
1/4 tspn salt
Pinch of dill
Black ground pepper


Fill your pan with water and salt and bring to the boil. Once your water is bubbling crack your eggs into your boiling pan, being mindful of dropping your eggs as gently and as close to the water as possible. After 1-2 minutes of boiling, turn your heat to low and leave your eggs in the water for 4 minutes for a medium egg, longer if you do not like runny yoke.
Toast your English muffin and melt your Hollandaise sauce until runny. Cut your muffin in half and place on your serving plate. With a plastic slotted spoon spatula lift your poached eggs (one at a time) from the pan and allow water to drain before placing your eggs on each individual muffin slice. Top your poached eggs with smoked salmon and drizzle Hollandaise sauce over and sprinkle your dill and black pepper for taste.
Simple, fresh, delicious and filling. Serve and Enjoy!



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