Fresh, healthy and yummy

Finding the right diet is like hit and miss really. I have been on a health journey since I started this blog mid last year and quite honestly I would say I am still finding what works well for me. This is not about losing weight in the quickest time possible and dropping the most drastic amount of weight, it is about finding the right formula that can sustain me throughout my life. It is also important for me to feel good whilst eating healthy and that for me has been cutting down on meat. Since early 2015 I have been struggling with consuming meat, after a certain amount I cannot seem to swallow my meat. I have no idea what causes it but unless my meat is ground and heavily combined with other food I will only ever get about three bites. Instead of ignoring that fact I have opted to eat meat once or twice a week and with that it meant that I had to get a little more creative in the kitchen. Honestly it has been fantastic because it has challenged me for content for the blog AND I have a new found respect for getting in my 5 a day. I have more energy, I do not suffer from bloating, my hair and nails are more stronger and I simply enjoy eating vegetarian dishes.

Eating less meat does not make food options smaller like I used to believe two years back and there are plenty of delicious, simple and easy recipes out there to indulge in. I would say keeping healthy is listening and responding to what your body is telling you about diet and exercise. Bloated stomach, fatigue, cramps… those are the signs your body gives you that you probably need a change. I am still a meat eater, I doubt I could ever let go of a juicy burger (lol) but I also enjoy living on the vegetarian island.

Breakfast this morning…


Crushed avo with chilli and Himalayan salt on seeded loaf and grapefruit



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