Parmesan Popcorn


Popcorn is my all time favourite snack and it actually used to replace a meal at the movies, that is how much I love popcorn. So you can imagine my excitement when my diet allows me to eat popcorn (in moderation of course, but I will admit that has slipped my mind a few times). This is something I am completely new to and was advised by an acquaintance to try it out. I love it, it offers a new flavour and it is so quick that I can continue on with whatever it is that I am doing. 

The recipe is as simple as purchasing a bag of already popped popcorn, I find plain or salted favours well, and purchasing shredded parmasean or you can use a grater. Throw a cup to two cups of popcorn in a bowl and season with the Parmesan. Pop it in the microwave for two 30 second intervals and enjoy! 100% recommend trying this! This is my second popcorn post so obviously there will be more to come at a later stage.



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