Motivation Mondays

Every morning that we rise we are given choices on which direction our day plays out. This morning as I was strapping my daughter in her car seat before heading out to school she said to me “Mommy I love that you’re a mommy” and that placed the largest ray of sunshine on my day because I chose to allow it to influence the rest of my day. Now I could have chosen a path of negativity when I looked at the time and noticed we were late despite me waking up early to get my daughter ready for school.

I am going to tie that point up with fitness and health. We all know what a challenge it is to stick to our healthy diet and our fitness routine. We wake up with aches and pains, we are so tired of eating the same foods and crave a big juicy burger with fries and a milkshake to top it all off. But part of making a commitment is honoring those commitments. The very same way we decide to have a happy day is the very same way we can decide to honor our commitments to getting fit and healthy. 

Results over excuses and health over unhealthy choices. I believe that starting is easy, it is showing up every day that shows true effort and commitment. Mondays can suck, trust me I know, but Mondays can always reflect a start of something great so whether yours is ending or starting I hope this post influenced even a little motivation to do your best and give your best!

Last month before Christmas 🙂 if that helps too, haha.