Strawberry Coconut Rice Pudding

There was about 1/2 cup coconut rice left over from the previous night and I wondered how a rice pudding recipe would favour having been cooked in coconut milk and ginger. The result was good, I have never been too into rice pudding, it was the dessert that I ate once and never thought about again. I looked up a recipe for coconut recipe on my go-to recipe site, they always have full proof recipes whether it be dessert, cooked meals, baked goods, breakfast, there has never been a recipe that has failed me or tasted bad and what I love is that they have a rating on each recipe which users have rated and so it is a tell on which versions of a particular recipe is your best bet. I was inspired by the fruit versions and so I decided to play around with strawberries and decided to caramelize them since they were sour. The recipe for the strawberry coconut rice pudding is a a tweaked version of the coconut pineapple rice pudding. 


1/2cup cooked coconut rice *

150ml milk (I used lactose free)

1 heaped tablespoon castor sugar

2 star anise 

Tsp ground cinnamon (you can use a stick and discard once cooked)


5 strawberries cut 

Tbspn vanilla protein powder

Tsp unsalted butter


In a pot throw all rice ingredients together and head on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile in a saucepan melt your butter and add your strawberries, protein powder and ground cinnamon and mix. Keep the heat on low and allow to cook until caramelized.

Once your rice has absorbed a little over half of your milk, turn off your heat and discard your star anise (and cinnamon stick if used), serve into a bowl and top your rice pudding with caramelized strawberries and indulge!

*coconut rice recipe 

Boil 1/3 cup well-washed rice with 400ml coconut milk, 1 cup cold water and diced 3cm wide ginger. Discard ginger when rice is ready.



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