My fitness journey on a busy schedule

I have been super busy this past couple of weeks and with a busy schedule it has honestly been tough to stick to correct dieting and exercise. Instead of beating myself up about it I have made the effort in making healthier choices. I already knew going into this journey that I would hit a few bumps on the road but I have always known that I will eventually reach my goals and that is the very thing that is keeping me going is realistic expectations. I am also still playing around with my diet in terms of what I can and cannot eat, the amount of calories I consume each day and if there is still fat loss as a result- it is a process. Ensuring that I get in the correct macros for my body type has become a natural way of life for me now and although I get the “You’re obsessed” looks, I still keep at it.This Strawberry yoghurt bowl is just an example of how I attempt making healthier choices when I am so busy with everything else that life is throwing at me.

It is low fat Greek yoghurt, strawberries, oat bran/oat flour and sweetner and I would eat this along with egg whites.

Being healthy, for me, is all in the little choices and making healthier substitutions. I love food and so I always have to enjoy my food, it has to have colour, texture and flavour in order for me to keep on track. This is a process, as I said before and it is not a destination, it is a journey and with that there is no pressure on me to reach my goals tomorrow. I am enjoying the ride.



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