Natural Flu-busting Tea

It is Spring time here is South Africa and that means sneezing and throat irritations and watery eyes, not exactly the blooming joy I expected. I was then reminded of a natural tea flu fighter that can be concocted in the kitchen that always helps me with and flu-related symptoms. What is great about this tea is that it is the next solution when self medication is not working the way that it used to.

Tbspn Cinnamon

Tbspn Clove

Tbspn Honey

Tbspn Nutmeg

Tbspn Ginger

Tbspn Basil


Heat all ground ingredients in a pot filled with 2 cups of water. Allow to simmer, strain and serve.

It is not the best tasting, but you will have instant relief. Try it out for yourself and I hope it busts away the flu/flu symptoms.



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