Sweet potato, bacon and avo burgers

I am constantly looking for healthier food options because if there is something which bores me is boring food and even worse than that, eating the same boring food every day. My philosophy on this fitness and health journey is that I should keep things interesting and that is what keeps me on my healthy eating path. Especially living in a house full of cookie, bacon and soda lovers, it makes the flavour less food taste even more like cardboard.

On my hunt for something new and healthy this month, I found myself on Protein World website because I have seen numerous women taking pictures of their supplements. I selected the link of recipes and I found these burgers. They are sweet potato, bacon and avocado burgers. Being me I jumped at the opportunity to try these out. Firstly I made sure that the macros fit for my body type and then in terms of measurements of burgers I ensured that all the portions fit in line with the way I am supposed to eat for my body type- which by the way is protein being the largest portion, followed by carbs then fat. I did not have Cajun spice so I substituted that for smoked paprika. When I finished assembling the burgers I honestly looked at these tiny burgers and thought I would never feel satisfied but thankfully it was quite the opposite.

You can find the link for the recipe here and there are some more interesting recipes on there for you to try.



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