Challah Bread first attempt

This weekend I was begged to bake bread. Now honestly I have never baked a loaf of bread from scratch before and serves me right for sharing my desires to try a braided loaf before I even learnt a basic loaf.The results were not so bad, in fact pretty good for a first timer (if I do say so myself). I saw this fun looking Challah bread from the website The Kitchn and I got a step by step on making the bread. I mixed with a wooden spoon, I even kneaded the dough by hand or more like manhandled it like Rachel Khoo suggests. It took me over 3 hours because of the process and kneading by hand and waiting for the dough to rise and waiting for 20 minutes before popping it in the oven- It is literally an event but it was well worth the effort because it tasted amazing. Now my weakness are carbs, especially bread, all kinds of breads I am front row center and pasta, but that is another post on another day.

I enjoyed this bread, the sweetness, the lightness of the bread, so incredible it is definitely one of those recipes that I will learn to perfect over time. I was not happy about the cracks in the bread, but overall I am definitely proud.

This is a real classic recipe that is an asset to any person that enjoys baking because it compliments many dishes and goes incredibly well even on its own. A must try.


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