Calming Chamomile

It has been a stressful and busy past couple of days and frustrating too because day after rest day I felt a dull pain in my right knee. I decided to avoid exercising as standing was even uncomfortable. One off day turned into four days of no exercise and today I could not even find a second to take a breather.

In 2014 I started suffering from migraines that would leave me with a two day headache and ever since then I decided that I would take my health seriously. One of the remedies that I found helped me to slow down and take things easy was chamomile tea. I would drink 3 cups a day to help me take my day in strides. With a change of lifestyle, closing many unhealthy relationships and taking a close look at my career and myself, I managed to successfully live 2015 migraine free. Until recently…

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily tasks of life and planning for the future that it becomes easy to forget to live in the moment and enjoy the day. My migraines serve as a reminder that I am taking on far too much and I am no longer present in today and ultimately I am making myself sick. So when it came to feeling the pressure and my body shouting back at me I took a couple of days off to just throw myself against the couch, drink a cup of chamomile tea and listen to all the ten thousand and one things my daughter has to tell me each day.

Try it out for yourself. Even if you struggle to fall asleep, Chamomile tea is great for assisting in sleep. You can buy it from any local supermarket. My favourite is from Woolworths but any brand will do the trick I rate. And I would love to hear what some of your remedies for stress are.



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