Carrot, Brazilian, Chocolate, walnut yum!

They say the way through to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I can agree 100% that this statement applies to my father! So when I had a sweet craving and I was in the mood for baking and sharing I searched for healthy alternative baked treats. My father ADORES carrot cake and whilst it has been frequently dubbed the healthier cake I decided it was the perfect fit. I came across a food blog Colorful Foodie and owner of the blog, Ana, posted up a scrumptious looking healthier version of her grandmother’s Brazilian style carrot muffin with melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate. I obviously had to try it out. It was delicious, point, blank and the period (Tamar voice) it was light, satisfying and it was so tasty that I did a little dance in the kitchen as I munched on mine. I added less honey as I do not favour very sweet foods so the amount was perfect for me. As for my father well, let us just say the phrase savoring the moment flew out of the window. I have never had carrot cake with chocolate so this was a yummy alternative to the usual butter cream icing and pineapple chunks that I am used to.

You can find the recipe of these delicious muffins on Ana’s blog Colorful Foodie and follow her @colourfulfoodie for more amazing snaps of her delicious creations. Thank you for this gorgeous recipe Ana, I am excited to try out more recipes.



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