Everyone Is A Critic…

After sharing my 30 day transformation on Instagram, I learnt how every Tom, Dick and Harry had a critique on my transformation. I read comments like “I don’t see a difference”, “this is the same day”, “why is her hair messy” really anything people could come up with to discredit the work that I know I put in.This is part of doing something positive in your own life, there will ALWAYS be critics, whether you place yourself in the firing line (like myself) or even if you don’t. Whether it is your family or friends, strangers, acquaintances, people will always have something to say about you, good or bad. The sad thing about the negative comments is that it can be human nature to feed in to the negativity and allow it to either ruin your day or worse, stop and give up on all the hard work you have done.

Do not feed into it! Use it as motivation to keep progressing and challenge yourself and give them something more to talk about because as we know most people with something negative to say know that they do not have the belief in themselves to stand up and make a positive change in their own lives and to say to the world I am doing this and I am proud and I am not afraid to show the world.

I actually laughed at most of the comments because yes my hair was messy (That’s what an after workout shot looks like!), yes I did not drop as much weight as the next person because I am NOT the next person and to compare myself to anyone is silly, detrimental to any journey and shows insecurity, which I am not.

I studied Speech and Drama and so I know how to take criticism and let it roll off my back and to use valid points to better myself in the long run, plus I know how much to feed into the words that people say. But regardless of anything people will always have something to say and it is up to you to look at yourself in the mirror and see and know the truth and feel good about the amount of sweat you have placed into your transformation. I know I feel good and no words can take away from that. So forget what the haters will have to say, they wish they had the courage to get up and make a positive change in their lives. My advice would be give them 30 more days to have something more to talk about, let it roll off your shoulders, keep motivated and go for it. And then celebrate the 1000+ likes and positive comments from real people who understand what it means to work! Day 60 I am coming for you 🙂



4 thoughts on “Everyone Is A Critic…

  1. Naomi Sirmans

    I’ve come to believe people only hate on the people they really want to be. People can be jealous of success, but keep going. And focus on the positive people who encourage you to keep moving forward – like attracts like, and from this post, you seem pretty amazing 😉

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