My Shredz 30 Day Weight Loss Transformation

Finally, I am re-connected to the World Wide Web with my new internet provider! My old one was horrible and I am being truly kind by saying that so now I am powered by Afrihost. I am hoping for the best on this so that I can continue blogging about my passions. Here’s to more blogging days!

I cannot believe that it has been 30 days since I have been on Shredz supplements! If you did not read my last post, I have been on the 30 day weight loss transformation.

In my package I received: Burner, Toner and Detox supplements; BCAA Glutamine; transformation cards which I use to snap my transformations every 30 days; a wrist band; home, gym, butt and core workout guides and instructions on how to take Shredz supplements.

Honestly they have been a great addition to my fitness journey because they provided me with the assistance that I did not know I needed in to really increasing my effort in workouts. Another wonderful thing about Shredz is that I feel apart of a team, I feel apart of something important and vital to the 21st century life and so every single morning my Instagram page is filled with motivation and tips towards building a better future. I have lost a total of 2.8kg, 4cm around my hips and 3.5cm around my waist. I feel fitter, healthier, energized and motivated and I am mostly proud of myself for giving myself the due diligence that I pep talked myself into before I got started. I seriously would recommend Shredz if you are looking for that special something to help you on your journey and transformation. Whether you are at beginner level like I was or advanced, Shredz has different products tailored to give you the results you desire. I am in no way endorsed by Shredz or affiliated in any way, this was just a choice I made in a lifelong decision. Give it a try, I recommend it. There are plenty of other people around the world using Shredz and you can view their transformations on their various Instagram accounts: @shredz @shredzforwomen @shredzarmy @shredzkitchen

From here on I will be taking the Alpha stack, yes I am still on my journey and I love healthy eating and exercising. You can follow me on my Instagram account @iamlindimaq and follow my transformation journey and we can motivate one another! This is officially my lifestyle and I say that after enjoying my grilled cheese cheat meal sandwich.



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