Challenge Yourself!

As the weeks, and even days go by through your workouts your exercises tend to become easier, you can get through your workouts faster, you can complete more reps within a set etc. Your strength, your endurance and your overall fitness is increasing and that is a great thing. But as soon as your sweat amount decreases and the burning sensation in your muscles dies it is time to challenge yourself.


Who else is crazy like me and appreciates the sweat and the soreness in areas you worked out the previous day? I love that, I feel as though I earned a high-five for myself, even accomplishing a tough workout makes me smile and I even think to myself I can’t wait to do that all over again tomorrow. When the workout becomes a little too easy that is when I up the challenge by increasing the pace of my reps per set during my cardio and increasing my heart rate so I can burn more fat and I include weights instead of just using my body weight during my strength workouts. When I first started working out 3 weeks ago I started by using my own body weight and now in week 4 of my workouts I use 2 kg dumbbells and a 3 kg medicine ball (which by the way could not even lift when I first started, ha, ha).

If you are breezing through your workouts, now is the perfect time to challenge the advanced moves and drop the beginner moves that you have been doing in your cardio workouts, if there are no advanced or beginner moves, increase the pace and make it harder, you will burn more calories than sticking to the easy sets. Add weights to your strength training if you have been opting for body weight or canned food, start by using the smallest weight and increase the weight as you progress through your weeks of strength training. I have also seen a fitness trainer use a weighted vest because she had lost weight, which looks like a life jacket and that adds to the challenge, especially if you are dropping kilos, remember that when you first started you may have been heavier and so relying on your body weight solely is the same as decreasing your dumbbell or barbel weights each week, it does not make sense right?

Workouts are supposed to challenge you, you should feel the burn, you should sweat, you should feel like you cannot give anymore and still give more and you should enjoy the accomplishing feeling of championing through your daily workouts. “You get what you give” – so lets all challenge ourselves during our workouts in the gym or at home.

Happy training 🙂


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