Spice and Herb Up your Health



All the wonderful health benefits of herbs and spices sit in your pantry and so I decided to research and compile a small list of all the benefits you are gaining (and myself) in your everyday cooking.

Cinnamon: Good source of calcium and fiber; it’s scent boosts brain function; it assists in blood sugar control and contains anti-clotting properties

Ginger: Gastrointestinal relief; it is safe and effective relief of nausea and vomiting for pregnant women; it is an anti-inflammatory; immune booster and induces death of ovarian cancer cells

Coriander: It lowers cholesterol; contains anti -inflammatory properties and controls blood sugar levels

Black Pepper: Improves digestion and promotes intestinal health

Turmeric: It contains anti-inflammatory properties; it is an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel disease; it provides relief for Rheumatoid arthritis; cancer prevention; improves liver function; provides cardiovascular protection; lowers cholesterol; protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Basil: It contains anti-bacterial properties; anti-inflammatory; it contains nutrients for cardiovascular health; it is an excellent source of vitamin k, manganese, vitamin c, calcium, iron and omega-3 fatty acids

Himalayan Pink Salt: This is a healthier alternative to iodized table salt for those of you that absolutely cannot do without salt in your food. It contains about 64 essential minerals; it supports weight loss and detox and balances hormones; lowers blood pressure; it balances the body’s alkaline and acidity levels and it promotes health of the arteries

There are plenty of small ways in which you can better your own state of health and what is fantastic about herbs and spices is that they are a great addition to your cooking adding flavour and health benefits on the side too. Being healthy made easy.


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