My Shredz 30 Day Weight Loss Transformation

Finally, I am re-connected to the World Wide Web with my new internet provider! My old one was horrible and I am being truly kind by saying that so now I am powered by Afrihost. I am hoping for the best on this so that I can continue blogging about my passions. Here’s to more blogging days!

I cannot believe that it has been 30 days since I have been on Shredz supplements! If you did not read my last post, I have been on the 30 day weight loss transformation.

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Rainbow Condensed Popcorn

It is officially school holidays and that means getting creative in everything for my daughters holiday program. I love popcorn, I am borderline obsessed with it and so I chose to play around with ingredients I should not even be having in the house, ssshhhh. 
 These treats are my condensed milk, sprinkle popcorn which are super easy to make, it is condensed milk, sprinkles and popcorn. I was concerned that the condensed milk may not set the way caramel does on popcorn but it only took crossing my fingers and being patient enough to allow it to set. 

Needless to say my daughter loves them because they are not as sweet as caramel popcorn and the sprinkles add fun and dimension to the popcorn. 


Nice start to the long weekend indeed 🙂

Challenge Yourself!

As the weeks, and even days go by through your workouts your exercises tend to become easier, you can get through your workouts faster, you can complete more reps within a set etc. Your strength, your endurance and your overall fitness is increasing and that is a great thing. But as soon as your sweat amount decreases and the burning sensation in your muscles dies it is time to challenge yourself.


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